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Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls Apopka, FL Creating landscapes that are resilient and long-lasting is about ensuring the right materials are used and that the structures there are stable and strong. To a great degree, this also depends on how well the land has been leveled and graded before any outdoor features are installed in the landscape.

But every lot of land is different and some properties have slopes that make it very difficult to construct anything there unless they are excavated and the area leveled. While this creates the space for the outdoor structures, it leaves the soil and rocks exposed which increases the risk of mudslides and soil erosion. The one way to prevent this from happening is to get retaining walls built at strategic points in the landscape.

We at Legacy Hardscapes LLC are a company that has been operating in this industry for the last 10 years. In this time we have handled a large number of projects for clients in and around Plymouth, Piedmont, Lake Apopka, and Paradise Heights. Our experts have also successfully completed a significant number of retaining wall installation projects in Merrimac, Clarcona, Wekiva Springs and Forest City. We have created a good customer base in Lockhart, Bay Ridge, and the surrounding areas as well.

What Are Retaining Walls?

  • These are very different from standard garden walls or boundary walls as they are specially engineered to provide support to the landscape and sloping areas of a property.
  • They are generally made of Concrete Masonry Units (CMUs) which are modular blocks that can be used to build walls of any height and length.
  • Sometimes, natural stone retaining walls may be constructed in the landscape. These could be built using mortar to hold the stones together or it could be a dry-stacked structure as well.
  • We can build dual-function retaining walls with seating or planters incorporated into the structure. This increases the functionality of the retaining wall and adds to its aesthetics as well. The walls with inbuilt seating can be constructed along the periphery of an outdoor kitchen, a patio, deck or even your fireplaceor fire pit area.
  • We use only the best and most resilient materials in the work and skilled and experienced craftsmen handle the installation which increases the longevity of the feature.
  • We work meticulously, plan the placement of the retaining walls well and ensure they perform the function theyhave been constructed for.
  • If you don’t like the look of a plain concrete retaining wall, we can also clad the surfaces with either stone or brick veneer; the wall will get the look of these materials without the weight or added cost.

When it comes to excellent stone retaining wall installations you need look no further than our company. Not only are you assured of the best services, but will find that our retaining wall installation cost is very competitive as well. For any more information about our services or to send us details of your hardscaping project feel free to contact us. You can also send us your queries via this Contact Us form.

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